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Features: Not like common goods in the market, FIRST's converter for press-fit BB (46mm) to external threaded BB (1.37" x 24T) is with patented structure for easy assembly and disassembly by simply loosening the bolts with allen key which is not disposable any more. At the same time, the frame (BB

Multi-Functional Tool for Press-Fit BB

◎ Install and remove bearing 6805 (25 x 37 x 7) ◎ Install and remove bearing 6806 (30 x 42 x 7) ◎ Install and remove press-fit BB R92/T86 ◎ Install and remove R30 (Converter for BB30 to BB24)◎ Weight: 1082g (Box Included)◎ Patent No. M427476

Assembly and Disassembly Tool for Press-Fit 30

◎ Aluminum Alloy with Shiny Finish◎ Install and Remove Bearing 6806 (30x42x7mm) ◎ Easy Assembly and Disassembly for Press-Fit BB Adapter O.D. 46mm◎ Available for Alloy Adapters◎ Assembly and Disassembly for End Face of Frame Shell Bigger than BB Adapter Flange O.D. 52mm◎ Patent